Soar 8 To 14 Inches Higher

If you seriously desire to dramatically improve your vertical jump and improve your overall athletic ability, then Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program is for you.

Published by TMT Sports, Air Alert is by far the most popular, the most professionally produced and the most effective jump training program on the market guaranteeing you will jump 8 to 14 inches higher.

This amazing program requires no weight training; rather, it provides results based on Habitual Jump Training, a unique principle which trains based on body weight, motion and memory. Explosive jumping is achieved by accurately executing the 6 specifically designed, yet simple, jump training exercises over a 15 week period. Not only will you jump higher, but you will also improve speed and endurance turning you into an all-around, better athlete.

So order today and get your copy! Your order will arrive within 3-5 days, and then you can start preparing for the season and amaze those you play with and dominate those you play against.

Air Alert is simply amazing and is fully guaranteed or your money back!

"Air Alert is really amazing. This is not a joke. Trust it. My vertical was 25" before. After I used it, I improved by 9". I thank all the people who designed Air Alert."

-M. Singh Khattra, Brampton, Ont, Canada-


"I am only 5'9" and started Air Alert my freshman year and was able to grab the rim. Now, I'm a sophomore and can throw it down. Air Alert is the real deal. Pick it up for sho!".    -C. Whitmore, Berea, KY-


"Thank you TMT Sports for creating a serious program that is not B.S." - A.A. Silva, Jr., Rockville, MD-


"Air Alert is legendary." - T. Lawson, New Zealand-

Receive all of the following with your order:

  • 33 minute Air Alert training DVD
  • 43 paged Air Alert training manual
  • Air Alert workout chart
  • Air Alert Advanced workout chart
  • Vertical jump measurement charts
  • Wei-Wu-Wei zone play & motivation program
  • Slam dunk music video
  • English & Spanish versions in 1 DVD


$4 US Shipping - $10 Canadian Shipping - $12 All Other Country Shipping

‚Äčorder arrives in 3-5 days US, 7-10 days Canadian & 12-15 days foreign

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